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    Welcome to Sponsor

    The social support app for recovery from addiction.


    Sponsor seeks to promote individual recovery by connecting people through a sobriety based social community.

    And like the journey of recovery, we look to the community for thoughts and insights on how best to be of service.

    So we ask that you join us in our efforts, invite you to share ideas,

    and help us create a modern social technology that promotes recovery for all who suffer,

    including our families and friends.

    Sponsor | The Social Recovery App

    The social support network for those seeking recovery from addiction.

  • How Sponsor Works

    One alcoholic/addict talking to another

    Sponsor App is a sober social support network for those seeking relief from any type of addiction; drugs, alcohol, or behavior addictions.

    From within the Sponsor App community, members are able to find sponsors and other sober people sharing similar interests and challenges.

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    You can remain anonymous

    We only use your phone number to create an account.

    SponsorApp - Find and Invite Friends

    Find & Invite

    Invite your friends

    Invite your sober friends to join you.

    SponsorApp - Chat with your Friends


    Talk to your friends

    Stay in touch with your sober friends and support each other.

    SponsorApp - Create Your Groups

    Create Groups

    Organize Friends

    Interact with sober friends that you know from different meetings or locations.

    Search Locally for Friends, Meetings, or Events

    Friends Feed

    Share with Your Friends

    Check in and let your friends know how you are doing and share inspirational messages.

    Search Locally for Friends, Meetings, or Events

    Local Visibility

    You can elect to be visible or not

    Find and meet sober friends close by.

  • Social Feeds

    Check the latest updates

    Sponsor App easily integrates with other social media outlets for a seamless social experience. 

    Whether you want to channel your social energies for all to see or just visit with friends in a safe social environment, 

    Sponsor App is the place that promotes safe and sober social networking.

  • The Sponsor App Community

    The Sponsor Community

    Sponsor App is a sober social support community to help maintain and enhance your own recovery and help others to achieve sobriety by staying connected to other people in the program. It is designed to support all types of recovery and 12 Step programs. The Sponsor App is a way to have your sober life all in one place and be part of the larger recovery community. Stay Connected - Stay Sober. Welcome!

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